Tips for Renters

First Time Renting? Or perhaps you’ve moved so many times you would consider yourself to be an expert by now.  Regardless of your renting history, we’d like to offer some ideas to make your experience with us more enjoyable for you!
Renter's Tips


Renters Insurance:

It is always a good idea to have your primary residence insured.  After all, it is very likely that your most valuable possessions are in your home.  Call an agent to see if renters insurance makes sense for you and your family.


What is a Pet Deposit?

Pet deposits are designed to cover any repair costs the owner may incur due to pet damage of the property.  Typically, contracts will define whether the deposit is refundable or non-refundable.  Before signing a lease,  make sure you understand whether or not this deposit is refundable.


Understanding your Security Deposit

Your lease will more than likely require a security deposit due at signing. Security deposits are designed to cover any repair costs the owner may incur due to damage of the property caused by the resident.  If the resident takes care of the property, the security deposit is usually fully refundable at the end of the lease.  Be sure to understand exactly what your security deposit covers in your lease.


Due to varying local and state laws, we recommend seeking legal advice before signing a long-term contract.


Save on utilities

Be sure to ask your utility company about potential pricing or billing incentives.  You may be offered a discount by agreeing to become a customer for an extended period of time.

The Department of Energy says approximately 10% of your electric bill comes from lighting your home.  Replace old bulbs with lower wattage bulbs, and of course, turn off lights after you leave a room.


Best time to search

Studies suggest that the middle of the month may be the best time to look for a new place to live.  Leases often expire around the beginning or the end of the month, which means that leasing agents may feel a need to offer more competitive rates during slower weeks of business.



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