Always Delivering the Extras. That’s the Woodruff Difference. It is a tradition that has been woven into the fabric of our company since 1916. We consistently deliver above and beyond what’s expected.

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Going the extra mile is “business as usual” at Woodruff. A working example of this core value is our team at the Woodruff Property Management Company. They offer pet and plant sitting services to our tenants, consistently call to follow up after maintenance requests, remember birthday and anniversary cards, and regularly send thank you gifts – to name a few examples. At Woodruff these are not considered “extras.” Rather, this attention to detail is business as usual inside the Woodruff office.

Woodruff is also definitively set apart by its corporate values which are rooted in substantive small town values and good character. We pour integrity, trust and experience into every job we do, and we believe that a collaborative approach always delivers the biggest results.

Add our extra services (finance programs, property management, real estate marketing and other investor services) to our impeccable customer service and our unique value system, and that’s the formula for The Woodruff Difference.

The Woodruff Difference is knowing that with us the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. It’s the knowledge that our good judgment and decades of experience will ensure that you’re in good hands. It’s knowing that we have a service or product that will fit your business needs. It’s knowing that you will enjoy doing business with us!

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Meet The Team

Otis J. Scarborough
Otis J. Scarborough, President, George C. Woodruff Company & Woodruff Holding Company
  Otis received his B.S. degree in Economics from the University of Georgia and has been with Woodruff since 1976.  He...More About Otis
Charles Ray Sheffield CEO George C. Woodruff Company
Charles Ray Sheffield, Chief Executive Officer | George C. Woodruff Company
Charles Ray joined the George C. Woodruff Company in 2012 with a background in financial services and law. Prior to joining the...More About Charles Ray
Genevieve Green
Genevieve Green, President | Woodruff Operating Company & Vice President | Woodruff Property Management Company
Genevieve oversees “The Woodruff Companies” which includes Woodruff Property Management, Woodruff Holding Company,...More About Genevieve
Cissy DuRant CEO Woodruff Property Management Company
Cissy DuRant, Chief Executive Officer | Woodruff Property Management Company
Cissy has been with Woodruff since 1987. She oversees the day to day operations of the Woodruff Property Management Company...More About Cissy
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones, President, Woodruff Property Management Company & Woodruff Marketing | Realtor, Sales & Leasing
Lucy is a proud native of Columbus, Georgia. Her real estate career began in 1997, and she has been with Woodruff since 2002....More About Lucy
Bruce Jones
Bruce Jones, President, Woodruff Development Company & Grow Landscaping
Bruce is a native of Columbus, Georgia and has been with Woodruff since 1995. He is a natural in his position. Bruce’s...More About Bruce
Brad Morgan CPA Woodruff Holding Company
Brad Morgan, CPA, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Woodruff Holding Company
Brad has been at Woodruff since June 2006. He is responsible for Financial Operations, Human Resources, and Information...More About Brad
Mike Socci
Mike Socci, President | Woodruff Contracting Company
Mike has been with Woodruff since 1976 and is currently President of the Woodruff Contracting Company. He began his trade...More About Mike